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Andrew Jamieson

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the ancient and specialist art of
manuscript illumination

Andrew Jamieson designer of the Royal Coronation Invitation
Andrew Jamieson designer of the Royal Coronation Invitation

Andrew is one of only a few fully trained practitioners of this specialised art form working in the world today. He trained intensively to develop the highly unique skill sets needed to produce this authentic work for three years at art school. With 40  years professional experience, he brings a knowledge and expertise to this art form that is rare. Many of the techniques and materials date from the time of medieval scriptoriums

He is a specialist in the selection of calf skin vellum and preparing it for writing, painting and illumination.  An expert in the application of gold leaf on gesso and other mediums he uses recipes that have their origins in the medieval period.  He also is a master at the application of shell gold. He mixes a special recipe turning 23.5c gold powder into a fine paint, which when burnished with agate or hematite burnishers will "shine and reflect like a mirror". 

He also uses specially prepared goose and swan quills for writing alongside broad edged metal nibs with ground inks and other media. Occasionally, on extra special commissions, he uses egg tempera paints.  

Andrew does not produce facsimiles of medieval paintings and manuscripts but rather creates original works painted and illuminated in styles reminiscent of the masters of the medieval period. He also applies the techniques to contemporary illuminated and heraldic works. 

The Unicorn. An original illuminated manuscript page designed by Andrew

Andrew Jamieson art
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