perfecting the art of heraldry since 1983

Established in 1983, ASJ  has become synonymous with hand-painted bespoke luxury, beauty and creativity. Careful details are minutely realised and every beautifully expressed design is a testimony to his passion and dedication to his tradition of excellence.


Every painting tells it’s own story, from the first pencil mark to the completion of the final brush stroke on vellum.  Each unique design contains decades of knowledge and experience combined with exquisite un surpassed craftsmanship intricately woven together in a tapestry of rich colours and twenty three carat gold leaf.

Choosing ASJ to create a new or paint an existing coat of arms is often the realisation of a long held desire. He is very mindful of that and so wants that moment and the process that follows to be perfectly in tune with the patron's own vision and ideally matched to their unique taste and style. In so doing he is able to create a coat of arms that is truly representational of who the patron is.


Using carefully selected and prepared materials and traditional techniques developed over a millennium, and crafted to the highest specification with a time honoured tradition of excellence, his service prides itself on discretion, exclusivity and craftsmanship when designing and painting the finest coats of arms for private and corporate needs. ASJ's exceptional artworks set the world standard for bespoke heraldic art.


Becoming the most exclusive provider of fine hand painted coats of arms in the world today has been a very fascinating and rewarding journey that began with four years of art training starting with a Pre B.A. foundation course at Salisbury College of Art in drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Then specialising for three years in heraldic painting, manuscript illumination techniques and calligraphy on the only course of it's kind in the world. In 1983 Andrew graduated from Reigate School of Art with an Honours First.  The art works he produces are reflective of this highly specialised training.  This remains a very specialised art form. Computers are being used more and more because using a machine is convenient, easy and negates in most cases the user from needing any drawing or designing skills. Machines however cannot think or feel for themselves, and that is what makes every one of his works unique. For over three decades his professional skills have been recognised and used by such institutions as Her Majesty's College of Arms, Her Majesty's Crown Office and the Order of Malta. Likewise his patrons have included royalty and heads of noble houses, the catholic church, orders of chivalry, corporations, publishers, livery companies, the military and numerous private patrons and collectors from around the globe. 

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