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Andrew Jamieson

the process of painting of a coat of arms

Commissioning a coat of arms can be a daunting process.  Andrew tries to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. For over 39 years he has been designing and painting what some kindly consider the most beautiful examples of heraldic art available. For Andrew it is about giving the patrons what they desire, a unique and highly symbolic work of art. What makes his heraldic art rare is his unique three years of specialist training, and the application of distinct skill sets learnt at art school and which he has continued to develop throughout his career.  

The following gallery shows the process he uses to paint a coat of arms, in this case a Grand Armorial for a patron living in the USA and the unique use of colour and gold applied over many hours. There are about twenty subtle stages but he has reduced them to the few shown here for convenience. 

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