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Andrew Jamieson

The Story

making the ordinary,

Established in 1983, Andrew's work  has become synonymous with hand-painted beauty and creativity. Careful details are minutely realised and every beautifully expressed design and painting is a testimony to his life long passion and dedication to seeking artistic excellence and harmony.


Choosing Andrew to create a specialised work of art is often the realisation of a long held dream. He is very mindful of that and wants the moment and the journey that follows to be perfectly in tune with the patron's own vision and matched to their unique taste and style. In so doing he is able to create that dream and vision and realise a painting that is truly unique but steeped in centuries of tradition.


As a child Andrew would sit for hours

in the reference section of his local library

with a sketch book and he drew and copied

things, any things, that inspired his imagination.

Ships sailing off to distant lands, knights in

armour looking for the Holy Grail or outlaws

hiding in the green wood. Inspired by Hollywood

films about King Arthur and Ivanhoe when he

was 6 he wanted to be a Knight when he grew up!

He loved to let his imagination connect with his

fingers and was always thrilled my the magic of the

images that emerged on those crisp white pages. 

Whilst his friends played football in the streets

outside he would be imagining castles,

dragons and damsels.

Today, some fifty plus years later, knights, dragons,

unicorns and griffins leap into life, polished helmets glint and banners flutter in the sunlight. Paint and gold sparkle on vellum like precious jewels. The romance has begun and the story will be lovingly created, the magic, the legend, the heritage enshrined but now the romance is yours, it is your story, your quest, your legend and your heritage magically brought to life in a fine hand painted coat of arms or illuminated manuscript that will become loved and cherished by your family as a unique heirloom for generations to come.

Andrew Jamieson Coronation Invitation

The Green Knight painted by Andrew in 2018 

An Arthurian Bookplate designed by Andrew for his library in 2023

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