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Andrew Jamieson


"I have been travelling through a strange and beautiful landscape for many decades and it has inspired an imagination that has created many works of art. Some are a direct response to a patrons desire, others are a result of journeys through time and history whilst others are inspired by those who have gone before me on the quest for the Grail. Please join me on this incredible and wonderful journey that has taken me across continents and time, and like the humble knight searching for the eternal, I have searched for that elusive goal of perfection, armed not with a sword, but with a brush and quill".

Andrew Jamieson

To commission a coat of arms or original artwork or to discuss your ideas please click the button below.


PLEASE NOTE - Andrew is not a digital graphic designer. He is one of only a few fully trained and qualified authentic professional heraldic artists working in the world today. He designs and paints everything by hand in some cases using specialist  techniques that are hundreds of years old. He is however able to supply digital copies for the patron's needs.


strange landscape

coats of arms

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