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Bespoke Heraldic & Historic textiles

It has been a long and creative winter all in all. I have spent every available spare moment

designing textiles. These are primarily heraldic and historic in nature. They are available on a variety of fabrics and can be used in a number of ways. Wall hangings, standards, banners, cushions and tapestries. I am able to combine a variety of heraldic quarters into one design or produce single armorial panels in a variety of sizes. I can design and paint to order any particular coat of arms or historical emblems to suit your specific needs.

For armigers I can design bespoke fabrics for hangings, banners, cushions etc., based on your ensigns armorial. I am also able to design heraldic tapestries that can be screen printed or Jaquard woven.

Each design is hand painted and then the art is processed for printing. I have complete control of the colour and process working with trusted fabric producers thus ensuring the finished high quality of the final item. I should stress these are not at all like the poor quality photo printing you can find offered on line. I am happy to discuss any requirements you have please contact me via and let me create fabrics worthy of a medieval castle.


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