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"A National Treasure"

Country Gentleman's Association Magazine 2008

"One of the leading heraldic artists of his generation"

The New Zealand Armorist


"We went to Andrew Stewart Jamieson with a special project: to display the newly-granted
coat of arms of New College as a decorative highlight of the College’s Grade 1 Listed Rainy
Hall. This project, part of the 175 th anniversary celebrations of our building, engaged all our
staff and students. Andrew suggested a tapestry wall-hanging as most suitable for the
location – something we had not thought of but immediately recognised as a brilliant idea.
Andrew worked creatively with us to finalise the design, which included not only our coat of
arms, beautifully rendered in a large central panel, but also a decorative border that drew
on the history and traditions of our academic community. The project ran to a tight
schedule, and at every stage Andrew delivered as promised. He is a stellar heraldic artist, a
sensitive and patient interpreter of his clients’ interests, and altogether a delight to work
with. We are thrilled by the final product, and so pleased we asked Andrew to undertake
this commission."

Rev Professor Susan Hardman Moore, Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh

"Through my office as the head of a large heritage organization, I interact with the best heraldic artists on both sides of the Atlantic. None are more gifted than Andrew Stewart Jamieson. His work is truly sublime, and I greatly appreciate his talent, vision, and consummate professionalism. In one of my more elaborate commissions, Andrew painted eight generations of miniature portraits of my ancestors set amidst a stunning landscape of flowers, birds, and beasts, along with vignettes of a stately manor house and an ancient church — all surrounded a dazzling array of heraldic devices and shimmering gold leaf. The result is a museum-worthy illustrated document that will be admired for generations to come for its artistic genius, intricate storytelling, and grandeur. I highly recommend Andrew Stewart Jamieson and I consider him the leading heraldic artist of his generation.


D. Brenton Simons President & CEO American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society


“Andrew Stewart Jamieson is one of the most brilliant artists and calligraphers of the age, with an extraordinary ability to fuse the ancient traditions of the masters of the medieval illuminated manuscript tradition with a genuinely original creative talent, which draws inspiration in every piece from the particular material upon which it is based. He is unusual, even by historic standards, in having the ability to produce both the artwork and the lettering for his pieces (which in medieval times was often performed by different craftsmen). There is a joyful freshness and originality in his work which means that, whilst his style is distinctive, he never repeats himself. The vivid colours and beautifully balanced designs which he produces from his workshop have justly earned him a worldwide and unrivalled reputation. I have commissioned a variety of work from him since 2004 and he has never disappointed: his standards are consistently excellent and his work, if anything, goes from strength to strength.”

Sir M. Griffiths - England

"I came across Andrew’s work while undertaking research on a heraldry-associated project at Hampton Court Palace. I soon began to see his distinctive style wherever I looked – it stood out and had great appeal to me. It seemed quite incredible that such an ancient art could still be practiced using techniques and materials that had little changed over the many years. When my project finished, I commissioned him to produce a painting of my family badge.

I am delighted, to have one of his works. It hangs in pride of place above my desk and I remain in awe of the infinite patience and skill that he must have to produce such a piece."

Patrick Baty,  (The Paint Detective) – England

"A coat of arms is a way of presenting oneself to the world. Hand drawn and painted in pigments and 23.5k gold on vellum, the exquisite craftmanship and artistry of Andrew Stewart Jamieson is the heraldic equivalent of a Saville Row suit."

Catherine Stevenson – USA

"When it comes to illuminated manuscripts and coats of arms, there is nobody better than Andrew Stewart Jamieson. His work is absolutely outstanding; ‘breathtaking’ might be a better word. World class and utterly beautiful. Thank you, Andrew, for all the thoughtful beauty you have brought into the world."

Henry Steuart Fothringham of Grantully – Scotland

 “Considered a master of our times, Andrew Stewart Jamieson is a much sought-after artist. The opportunity to work with him on a coat of arms was a rare, exciting chance that I didn’t want to miss out on. It’s an absolute honor to be able to add his work to my collection.

Jamieson is very active on social media and it’s great to follow the progress of the many works he takes on, often multiple ones at a time. It gives a fantastic insight into the creation of these detailed and complex renditions and the order things are done in, from an early sketch to using gold paint, and slowly adding color layers and details on top. Following the progress is a real adventure.”

Kevin Haelterman – Belgium


"When I expressed interest in obtaining a coat of arms, a friend highly recommended Andrew Stewart Jamieson. Andy was able to take the vague, inchoate ideas I had formulated and unite them harmoniously into a creative, unique and beautifully designed achievement. I have been privileged to have him depict my arms twice, each in a distinct style, yet both clearly displaying the same artistic talent. I have readily recommended him to multiple friends over the years and would gladly do so again."

Father Richard McFadden – USA


"I have had the privilege of commissioning various heraldic works from Andrew Stewart Jamieson since 2003. Mr. Jamieson’s talent, accomplishments, style, and professionalism are, in my opinion, unsurpassed in the field of heraldry and illumination. He is also a great gentleman, a man of his word, and always honors his commitments.
He is not a “ commercial artist”, but rather someone who pours his soul into his work.
I recommend him without hesitation."

Hector Robles – USA

"One of the greatest heraldic artists of our time!"

Colonel Michael Dwyer - USA

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