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Coats of Arms

Updated: Mar 30

All coats of arms are designed and hand painted on art board or calf skin vellum and use

where appropriate 23.5 gold paint mixed to a personal recipe developed and refined for a more brilliant appearance. (Gold is not used on the basic range)

Basic Range

Coats of arms sized 9 x 11 inches hand painted on art board £950.00 - The designs are simpler and the shading and outline a little bolder

Standard Range

Coats of arms sized 11 x 14 inches painted on artboard £1250.00

on vellum with 23.5c gold £1500.00 - These paintings are more detailed and most people choose this range.

Grand Armorial Range

coats of arms sized 18 x 16 inches on vellum stretched over board

£2500.00 - size 20 x 22 inches £3750.00 - Illuminated decorative borders are extra

and priced between £1500.00 - £5000.00.

Contemporary Heraldry

Painted on vellum or artboard using mixed media and 23.5c gold these panels

began development from an idea in 1996 and ASJ has continued to evolve this style

in a variety of sizes. Prices start at £1500.00

Grand Armorial Knights

Hand painted on vellum stretched over board size 18 x 16 inches


Armorial and Praying Knights

My most popular range with patrons sized at approx. 10 x 11 inches on artboard

£600.00 each or £975.00 for a pair.

Ecclesiastical Arms

Priced at £1250.00

Armorial Bookplates

Size varies and prices range from £850 - £1750

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