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Corporate Arms

Updated: Jan 4

ASJ offers an exclusive service for corporate clients designing heraldic logos and coats of arms. The example shown above was for a tier one client in Hong Kong and was designed to be hung and displayed in the entrance hall of a flagship property. This armorial logo was conceived to reflect the history of Hong Kong, be a homage to an English knight who was a principal investor and partner in the project and to symbolise and reflect the luxury status of the property and it's owners.

Cover for Jethro Tull commissioned

in 1987 for their 16th studio album called

'Crest of a Knave'. The brief was to design

a coat of arms that incorporated the iconic flute played by Ian Anderson, a hooded crow, a kelpie and a cat. ASJ decided to give the design the feel of ancient Scottish Pictish carving. The album went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance in 1989

The corporate logo displayed below was designed and painted for the The White Rose Guild based in Edinburgh, Scotland. An exclusive tourism based company that brings together discerning visitors with the finest artisans working in Scotland today. Please contact ASJ for further information on obtaining your corporate logo.

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